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Kontaktiere ich und wir besprechen dein Anliegen. Ob privat oder geschäftlich, es gibt immer eine Lösung.
The fascination of transformation

You would like to be a different person for once? See yourself or others in a new body? Wear expensive clothes, drive a fancy car that you can normally only dream of? Cherish memories of fantastic journeys into the unknown? Everything is possible! At least on the photo.

Prices & budget

I work together with affordable online producers, which guarantee low prices, but require a longer lead time for processing. Quick orders can of course also be executed, but then the production costs are often twice as high. The same applies to special formats, special designs and exotic material requests. I need to know such details when preparing a quotation, or I receive a budget and time frame and calculate in reverse, which is possible.

Clients of moechtegern

I work full-time as an employee and do all the work for moechtegern as an independent sideline. On the one hand, this means that I cannot accept all assignments at any time, on the other hand, it also gives me the freedom to be flexible in terms of price, as I do not have to make a living from it. But you should think of good reasons why I should make a special price for you. You will automatically find more arguments if it is an exciting project or an interesting challenge.

I will be happy to prepare a corresponding, individual offer for you.

If you have any questions, the easiest way to reach me is by e-mail

Thank you for your request, I will get back to you soon.

more informations about me


Examples of work

You can download a collection of various works of the last years here.


My clients

Since I work part-time, I can afford to pick and choose my clients according to their projects.


Curriculum Vitae

I am a generalist for all topics that concern small businesses. You can find details of my CV and training here.

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