Discover the world of photomontage


To be a giant for once?

 Whether small or big: the perspective or the point of view makes you a different person.



They really exist: these mythical creatures, half human, half animal and always elegantly dressed!



You would hardly have thought that: Basel – or your home town – has many faces.

So you get a new identity

Ideas for great surprises
A book with a photomontage on the cover, a season ticket to a zoo with montages of Humals, a bath essence with a foam bath situation.

Christmas cards
Santa Claus in Siberia? Or you fly across the sky dressed as Santa Claus with the reindeer? Or maybe you just grew wings.

Party, dinner, wedding or simply a special occasion: With a photo composition of you in a cocktail glass, it will be a great success.

Photo Gifts
You know the advertisments and the countless possible products: But with a photocalendar, photo mug or t-shirt you will get something top!

Birth announcements
Your baby is here. Maybe the stork brought it or it was born from a flower? Or maybe it prefers sleeping in a coffee cup?

Profile pictures
You will be amazed at how striking your pictures in the world of social media will be as soon as you have the right thematic environment created

you are still looking for more?

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